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Klara Mahlerová née Rimer was born on 9 April 1883 in Hradec Králové. She was married with Jindřich Mahler. The couple had two children: Sylvia, born on 2 December 1912 in Hradec Králové, and Karel, born in 1920. Her husband died on 23 December 1932. Her last residence before deportation was in Charbuzice, a village in Královohradecký kraj. There she lived with her son. On 21 December 1942 mother and son were deported with transport Ci from Hradec Králové to Theresienstadt concentration camp. Her transport number was 215. On 1 February 1943 both were deported with transport Cu (train 109) to Auschwitz concentration camp. Her transport number was 44. Both Klara Mahlerová and her son Karel Mahler were murdered by the Nazi regime.

Her daughter Sylvia could survive the Shoa. She was married with Otto Adler. The couple had at least one daughter.