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Adéla Freudenfeldová was born on 11 July 1881 in Nové Zámky (Slovakia) as Adela Marmorstein. She was the daughter of Samuel and Jana Johanna Marmorstein. She married Sigmund Vítězslav Freudenfeld, born on 28 July 1874 in Liběšice. The couple had seven children:

  • Josef Freudenfeld, born on 20 May 1900
  • Margit Freudenfeld, born on 2 December 1901
  • Rudolf Freudenfeld, born on 4 September 1903 inBeszterec, married to Marie, with seven children
  • Elsa Freudenfeld, born on 20 May 1905
  • Gustav Freudenfeld, born on 20 November 1907 in Mostar
  • Emil Freudenfeld, born on 20 October 1909 in Mostar
  • Charlota Freudenfeld, also Šarlota, born on 7 or 17 December 1911 in Mostar, later married to Marek Žižala.

On 2 July 1942 Adéla Freudenfeldová was deported with Transport AAl from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp. Her transport number was 200. On 26 October 1942 she was deported with Transport By to Auschwitz concentration camp. Her transport number was 761. There she was murdered by the Nazi regime.

Her sons Rudolf, Gustav and Emil, her youngest daughter Charlota, and Charlota’s five-year-old son Mirek were also murdered during the Shoa. Gustav died on 16 August 1942 in Theresienstadt concentration camp, Emil in late 1942 in Treblinka extermination camp, Charlota and Mirek on 23 January 1943 in Auschwitz concentration camp and Rudolf on 28 September 1944 also in Auschwitz. The fate of the other children is unknown. Seven grandchildren of Adéla Freudenfeldová, the children of her son Rudolf, could survive.