Adress: Praha 1, Pařížská 30 (2011)
Emil Roubíček was born in 1894. He was the sixth son of Karl Roubíček (28 May 1857 – 1920) and Rosalie née Deutsch (28 May 1861 in Kácov – 15 December 1943 in Auschwitz). He had one sister and six brothers:

  • Berta, born on 5 August 1883 in Prague, married Anton Lieblich, had two children with him: Franta and Marta,
  • Josef, 1 September 1885 in Zbizuby,
  • Rudolf, born 10 May 1887 in Zbizuby, deceased in 1923,
  • Pavel, born 20 July 1889 inZbizuby,
  • Max, also known as Maxa, born 27 July 1891 in Prague,
  • Robert, born 22 August 1893 in Prague, married Aranka Roubicek, had four children with her: Karel, Renee, Vera and a fourth child,
  • Leopold, born 1895, married Maria Kleinova.

Emil married Helena. The couple had one son: Vittislav. On 8 July 1943 he was deported from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp with Transport Dh. His transport number was 397 of 486. On 29 September 1944 he was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp with Transport El. His transport number was 1335 of 1500. In Auschwitz, he was murdered by the Nazi regime.

The fate of his wife is unknown. His mother, at least four of his siblings and two nieces were also murdered by the Nazi regime. Pavel was killed on 15 October 1942 and Max on 11 March 1943, both in Łódź Ghetto. Robert, his wife and their daughter Renee died on 26 January 1943 on a transport to Auschwitz concentration camp, the second daughter, Vera, was gased in Auschwitz the day after. His sister Berta and her husband were both killed in Auschwitz.

The only son of Emil and Helena survived the Shoah. He died in 1992, peacefully.