Address: Praha 1, Pařížská 34
Ervín Fröhlich was born on 18 March 1903 in Prague. His parents were Leopold Fröhlich and Pavla born Porges. He had at least one sister, Irma, and he was married to Vera. Ervín Fröhlich was a physician, specialized in internal medicine. He practiced in Prague and lived in an apartment, together with two subtenants, Rudolf Reich and Friedrich Glücklich. On 21 August 1942 he was told by Nazi authorities that his apartment had to be ″disinfected″. Therefore, he and subtenants had to leave. His last address before deportation was a flat in Norimberská where also his mother and his friend Rudolf Reich lived until their deportations. On 20 November 1942 he was deported with transport Cc from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp. His transport number was 266. At the time he arrived there, his mother, who was incarcerated in Theresienstadt from July to October, had already left. From there he was deported with transport Cq to Auschwitz concentration camp. His transport number was 539. Ervín Fröhlich was murdered in Auschwitz.

His mother had been deported to Treblinka extermination camp in October 1942 and was thereafter murdered by the Nazis. His friend Rudolf Reich was deported to Auschwitz in 1943 and murdered there in the course of the same year. Sister Irma could survive theShoah. At the time she reported the death of her mother and her brother to Yad Vashem, in 1987, she lived in Chicago, was married to Max Czerner and carried his name. Irma hat four children. Among them was Raya Czerner Schapiro (born 1934 in Prague, deceased 2007 in Chicago), the mother of Andrew H. Schapiro.