Address: Praha 7, Schnirchova 1353/7, (2011)
Ing. Eugen Wiener, also Evžen, was born on 14 August 1878 i Opava in the Moravian-Silesian Region. His parents were Gustav Wiener and Katharina née Toch. He had at least two brothers, Artur (born 1884) and Victor (born about 1888). He was married to Katharina née Schwarzová. The couple had two sons, Robert and Heinz. The last residence of the Wieners before deportation was in Prague VII., Malá Šternberkova 7 (today Schnirchova). On 30 July 1942, Ing. Eugen Wiener and his wife were arrested and deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport AAv. His transport number was 287 of 1,001. Only five days later, on 4 August 1942, the couple were deported to Maly Trostenets extermination camp by transport AAz. His transport number was 568 of 1,000. On 10 August 1942, both were ″killed by gas″.

His brothers were both murdered, Artur in 1942 in Izbica, Victor in Warsaw. His sons escaped to USA and England. On 18 December 1987 in Tel Aviv, Robert Wiener submitted 13 death reports of relatives and friends to Yad Vashem, among them the reports about the deaths of his mother and his father.