Address: Praha 8, Březinova 474/05, Karlín, (2011)
Eva Hellerová was born on 17 February 1938. Her parents were Dr. Arnošt Heller and Olga née Stutzová (see below). Her last residence before deportation was in Prague X, Litomyšlská 5. On 22 December 1942, she and her mother were deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport Ck. Their transport numbers were 809 and 810 of 1,005. They remained interred there for nearly two years. On 4 October 1944, she was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp by transport En. Their transport numbers was 1004 and 1105 of 1,500. There she was murdered by the Nazi regime at the age of 6. Also her mother lost her life.

Her father could survive the Shoah. He founded a new family after the fall of the Nazi regime.