Address: Praha 8, Vítkova 439/21
František Gross was born on 21 July 1892. His parents were Josef Gross (1862-1927) and Hermine née Taussig. He had a sister named Zdenka (born 1891). He became an engineer and married to Edith née Steinová (born on 1 November 1908 as a daughter of Siegfried Stein (1876-1941) and Hedwig née Taussigová (1886-1942)). The couple had at least one son, Pavel (see below). The last residence of the family before deportation was in Prague X, Terezínská 21/439. On 20 November 1942, he and his son were deported from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport Cc. Their transport numbers were 488 and 490 of 1,002. They remained interred there for twenty-two months. On 28 September 1944, father and son were separated. The father was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp by transport Ek. His transport number was 1917 of 2,500. Ing. František Gross was murdered there by the Nazi regime.

Three and a half weeks later, his son was also deported to Auschwitz and murdered at the age of 14. Also his mother-in-law was murdered during the Shoah.  The fate of his wife is unknown.