Address: ČSA 152/11, Milovice
Born 16. 10. 1879

Last residence before deportation: Milovice
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Benátky nad Jizerou
Transport Cl, no. 57 (13. 01. 1943, Mladá Boleslav -> Terezín)
Murdered 13. 02. 1943 Terezín

Rosa Růžena Geigerová née Iltis was born on 16 October 1879 in Újezd. Her parents were Salomon Iltis and Katharina née Pfeifer (ca. 1855-1930). She had three sisters and three brothers: Berta (ca. 1878-1933, married to Emil Sušicky, two children), Ernest Iltis (born 1878), Arthur (born 1881), Olga (born 1885, married to Josef Lustig), Oskar Iltis (born 1892, married, one daughter) and Flora (married to Karl Kafka). She was married to Adolf Geiger. The couple had three children: Viktor (born 1903), Zdeňka (born 1905, later married to Jan Kolář) and Otto (born 1907). Her last residence before deportation was in Milovice. On 13 January 1943 she, her husband and their son Viktor were arrested and deported from Mladá Boleslav to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport Cl. Her transport number was 57 of 552. Already one week later, on 20 January 1943, her son Viktor was deported to Auschwitz. On 13 February 1943 she died in Theresienstadt due to starvation and grieve.

Her husband and both sons were murdered at Auschwitz. Also at least two of her siblings were killed in the course of the Shoah, Olga in 1941 in Poland and Oskar in 1944 in Auschwitz. The fate of three of her siblings is not known. Her daughter Zdeňka could survive.