The number of stones  available for individual years and cities are determined by Anne Thomas from the STIFTUNG – SPUREN – Gunter Demnig foundation. Options for ordering Stolpersteine in Prague are currently available upon early confirmation of the stone reservation with term of laying in 2023/4. All capacity for 2021 and 2022 is exhausted due to the previous orders. The approximate date of laying ceremony is announced about five months in advance.

The applicant must specify the victim and the place for laying the Stolpersteine. If possible, Stolpersteine are always placed in front of the last residence of choice – never in front of places that people were forced to move to. We can help to identify the victims and the adresses of their former residence. In addition to the administration and the necessary communication we apply for the necessary permits for all required stones in a given year in Prague. We organize the logistics of laying the stones with the help of a specialized construction (paver) company. The cost of producing and delivery of one stone is 132 EUR and it is paid directly to the foundation of G. Demnig, the applicant will only receive an invoice once the Stolpersteine has been laid. In Prague the additional cost for the construction (paver) company needed for the installation is CZK 1,400 per one stone. This payment is made in the form of a donation to the  Association before the actual laying.

For information and reserving Stolpersteine in Prague please write to [email protected].

The implementation of the Stolpersteine project in Prague is organized and supported by the PUBLICLY BENEFICIAL ASSOSCIATION SUPPORTING PERSONS AFFECTED BY HOLOCAUST. All about the Association you can find on the website www.spolek.org . We will be happy if you when you support the Association and specifically the implementation of the Stolpersteine project with a kindly financial donation.

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