For information on the new Stolpersteine in Prague please write to [email protected]z.

We started preparing the list of new Stolpersteine in Prague for 2020. The number of stones for 2020 and 2021 is already exhausted and we will implement the new application in 2022/3.
In September 2019 we laid 41 Stolpersteine in Prague, 8 in Jičín and 11 in České Budějovice.
In June 2020 we laid 12 Stolpersteine in Prague.
In 2020 we are preparing conditions for laying stones in Pardubice, Jičín and České Budějovice.
Please write your request for stones in any locations as soon as possible.

For information in other locations in Czech republic, you can contact in English or German Anne Thomas the assistent of Mr Demnig’s at [email protected]

The implementation of the Stolpersteine project in Prague is organized and supported by the PUBLICLY BENEFICIAL ASSOSCIATION SUPPORTING PERSONS AFFECTED BY HOLOCAUST. All about the Association you can find on the website www.spolek.org . We will be happy if you when you support the Association and specifically the implementation of the Stolpersteine project with a kindly financial donation.

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