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Dr. Milada Šámalová b. Cebeová was born on 11 April in 1906. Her parents were the doctor Jindřich Cebe (1870-1953) and Antonia b. Feyrerová (1874-1953). She completed a doctorate and married the insectologist Jaromír Šámal (see above), son of Přemysl Šámal and Anna Šámalová. She supported her husband in his research and was involved in two of his publications as co-author. The couple had two children, Jiří (1933-1976) and Alena (1937-2003). After the German occupation of the country in March 1939 and the closure of the Czech universities in November 1939, the husband and lawmaker joined the resistance movement. Her father-in-law was arrested in January 1940 and died in March 1941 after the Gestapo imprisonment in Berlin. Her husband was arrested in May 1942 and executed on June 5 in 1942 by the Nazi regime in Prague. Milada Šámalová was arrested and sent to Auschwitz concentration camp, when she wanted to inquire about her husband at the Gestapo. Both children, nine and five years old, were taken into custody by the National Socialists and deported to Łódź Ghetto together with the children from the destroyed village of Lidice. Afterwards, Jiří and Alena were given to a German family for”Germanization”. After the end of the Nazi regime the children were found again and entrusted to their uncle for education. The daughter was later called Veselovská because of a marriage.

Milada Šámalová was able to survive the concentration camp, she died on 12 September 1981 and was buried in the cemetery of the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul on the Vyšehrad