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Přemysl Šámal was born on 4 October 1867 in Prague. After graduating from the Law Faculty of Charles University, he worked as a lawyer as well as in the Museum of the Czech Kingdom. He became an active member of the Czech Progressive Party in 1914 and was one of the founders and organizers of the resistance organization Maffia against the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy.

Despite his advanced age, after 15 March 1939 he became one of leading anti-Nazi resistance fighters and the head of an illegal political organization. On 26 January 1940 he was arrested by the Gestapo, went through four months of severe interrogations and was then deported to Moabit prison in Berlin. His health was already in critical condition when he was released at a high bail. Thereafter, he lived under house arrest at a private nursing home. Soon, on 9 March 1941, he deceased.

The entire family had to suffer due to Sippenhaft. His son Jaromir, a professor of entomology, was shot dead in the aftermath of the Heydrich assassination. His wife was sent to Auschwitz. Two grandchildren were first deported to an internment camp in Poland and later-on submitted to ″re-education″ in German familiesubmitted to ″re-education″ in German families