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BORN 1926



GORAZDOVA 335-14 - 4From family memories:
Božena, Jiřina and Eva arrived at the Auschwitz ramp together and went to meet Dr. Mengele. Eva, then exactly eighteen years old, remembered that she had a Russian textbook with her. It dawned on her that if the textbook was found with her, it might be held against her. So she ran back to the train and threw the textbook into one of the carriages. Meanwhile, Božena and Jiřina – she was fifteen at the time – arrived at the sorting committee. It sent them to the opposite side than Eva a little later. Grandma Eva never saw her mother and her sister again. Her father also got to Auschwitz, but only at the very end of the death camp’s operation. Despite his congenital heart defect and thanks to his medical profession, he survived – he was assigned to work in a camp hospital.
After the war, Eva literally “stopped a tank” and got back to Prague. There she was reunited with her father Antonín. Antonín remarried to Eliška (everyone called her Elinka), the personal nurse of presidents Beneš and then Gottwald. After the death of Antonín – potentially in danger because of her career – she emigrated via Brazil to the USA, where she lived to the blessed age of 97.