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Vilma Pollaková née Roubicková was born on 24 or 25 December 1897 in Kolín. Her parents were Simon Roubíček and Klotylda née Kaufmannová, called also Chlotilde. She married Karl Pollak. The couple had two daughters: Hana, born on 5 February 1921, and Eva, born on 24 March 1924. In 1924, the family moved to Vienna where Karl worked as administrator in an iron mill. The family resided in Seilerstätte 13 in Vienna’s center. In 1933, the couple divorced. Thereafter Vilma and her daughters moved to Prague where they lived in Kaprova 12. The former husband died in 1938 in Switzerland. In October 1939, the family had to move to a collection flat in Sanytrová 12 (today the street is called 17. listopadu). There they lived together with another Jewish family, Otto Passer and Hedviga Passerová. The apartment was located in close proximity to the SS headquarter in the building of the former Faculty of Law of Charles University closed down by the Nazis in 1939. On 10 December 1941 Vilma Pollaková and her daughter Eva were deported from Prague to Theresienstadt concentrationcamp with Transport L. Her transport number was 292 of 1006. The hygiene in the camp was terrible, Vilma acquired sepsis and died on 1 January 1942.

Her daughter Eva was brought to Auschwitz concentration camp in September 1943 and thereafter murdered by the Nazi regime. The fate of Hana Pollaková is unknown.