Stolperstein für Herman Abeles.jpgAddress: Pařížská 1068/10, Prague 1, 2012)
Ing. Heřman Abeles, also Hermann, was born on 3 June 1892 in Hustopeče.
He was an architect and married to Zděnka Abelesová. The couple had a daughter, Eva (born 1930). Together with Leo Mayer, he designed and realized a modern villa for film producer Josef Auerbach in 1933/1934, located in Barrandovská 60 in Prague. The building is considered to be a master piece of Functionalism. On 21 October 1941, he was deported from Prague to the Ghetto Litzmannstadt (Łódź), together with his wife and daughter, with transport B, train DA 7 (his transport number was 409). Ing. Heřman Abeles and his family have not survived the Shoah
Last residence before deportation: Prague I
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague I, Norimberská 10
Transport B, no. 409 (21. 10. 1941, Prague -> Łódź)