Address: Praha 6, Čs. armády 406/10, před domem vlevo (2012)

Antonie Else Tamler was born in Bukowina in the district of Zastawna in May 1913. Her parents were Abraham Ber Tamler (1876-1933) and Sabine or Sabina b. Neumann (1887-1942). She had three siblings, the brothers Ernst (1911-1977) and Samuel Edward (1919-1948) and sister Edith, who was able to survive the Shoah as well. Antonie Else Tamler was probably married twice, the first time to a man named Rozsypalov, the second time to Vladimir or Vladea Leitner. Their last address before deportation was in Prague XIX. There are two narratives of her death. According to Yad Vashem, she died in the Dachau concentration camp in 1942. According to, she was deported on February 8, 1942 with transport W from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp and from there on 17 March 1942 with transport Ab to the ghetto Izbica, where she was murdered. Their transport numbers were first 619 from 1.002, most recently 190 from 1,000.

Her mother was also murdered in the Shoah in 1942. The reports of her death (and of her mother) to Yad Vashem were made by her sister in 1999. She lived in Jerusalem at that time