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Pavla Beckmannová
née Fried was born on 27 August 1880 in Lžín. Her parents were Josef Fried and Anna née Weigner. She had a sister named Tonca (later named Svoboda). She married Josef Beckmann. The couple had two sons, Fred (born 1908) and Vilhelm (born 1909). Her husband, born in 1865 in Benešov, died in 1940 in Prague. On 3 August 1942, she was deported from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport AAw. Her transport number was 487 of 1,001. On 20 August 1942. she was deported to Riga by transport Bb. Murdered. Her transport number was 589. None of the 1,001 Jews on this transport survived the Shoah

Both sons survived and she had three grandchildren. Both sons submitted reports on her deportation and her death to Yad Vashem, Vilhelm in 1974 from New York, Fred in 1977 from Los Angeles.