Address: Prague 1, Maiselova 60/3, (2009)

Beila Bergmannová née Schuminer was born on 18 July 1897 in Fesztyn. Her parents were Baruch and Rosa Schuminer. She married Alois Bergmann. The couple had a daughter named Růžena, born in 1931. The plans to emigrate to Shanghai failed. On 2 July 1942, Beila Bergmannová, her husband and her daughter were deported from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp with Transport AAl. Her transport number was 827 of 1005. On 28 July 1942 the family was deported to Baranovichi with Transport AAy. Her transport number was 126 of 1001. All passengers of this transport were murdered during the Shoah, also Beila Bergmannová, her husband and her eleven years old daughter Růžena.

Last residence before deportation: Prague V
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague V, Filipa de Monte 3
Transport AAl, no. 827 (02. 07. 1942, Prague -> Terezín)
Transport AAy, no. 126 (28. 07. 1942, Terezín -> Baranoviči)