Address: Praha 8, Křižíkova 5/254,, (2009)
Hana Hojtašová was born on 10 December 1932. Her parents were Karel Hojtaš and Ela Hojtašová. She had an older brother, Jiří (born on 29 May 1930). The last residence of the family before deportation was in Prague X, Sudetská 5 (today Křižíkova). On 15 May 1942, she and her family were deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport Au 1. Her transport number was 729 of 1,001, of her brother 726 and of her parents 727 and 728. After two days, on 17 May 1944, the family was deported to Lublin by transport Ay. According to holocaust cz. the family had the same transport numbers as in the previous transport. There the whole family was murdered by the Nazi regime. Only the day of the death of her father is known, he was killed on 29 August 1942 in Majdanek.