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Hanuš Löwy was born on 30 March 1902. His parents were Ferdinand Löwy and Regina née Schulz. He had three older brothers, Antonin (born 1895), Josef (born on 2 December 1896) and František (1899-1965). He was married to Marta née Holubová (born on 8 April 1905). The couple had a son, Petr (born 1930). The last residence of father and son before deportation was in Prague XII, Mánesova 34. On 22 December 1942, Hanuš Löwy and his son were deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport Ck. His transport number was 551 of 1,005. There they were interred for 17 months. On 18 May 1944, they were deported to Auschwitz concentration camp by transport Eb. His transport number was 570 of 2,500. Father and son were gassed by the Nazi regime on the day of their arrival.

The fate of his wife, his parents and his brother Antonin is unknown. František Löwy survived. Josef Löwy, his wife Karolina and their daughter Hana (age 14) were all murdered on 9 May 1942 in Sobibór extermination camp.