Herrmann Helena PavelMAddress: PLAVECKÁ 8, PRAGUE 2

Born 20. 08. 1908
Last residence before deportation: Prague II
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague
Transport Ba, no. 676 (10. 08. 1942, Prague -> Terezín)
Transport Eb, no. 1204 (18. 05. 1944, Terezín -> Auschwitz)
MurderedPaul (Pavel) Herrmann

Holocaust database

Born 20 August 1908 in Brod (Yugoslavia)
Married Helene Katz  in Prague 18 June 1938
Deported 10 August 1942 to Terezín, To Auschwitz 18 May 1944
To Schwarzheide (Sachsenhausen) July 1944
Murdered on a Death March in March / April 1945  – place and date unknown

On 18 May 1944 Paul and Helly were deported to Auschwitz Birkenau in Transport Eb, arriving there two days later. Paul was sent to work as a slave labourer in Schwarzheide near Dresden, a satellite camp of Sachsenhausen, arriving there on 3 July.  Helly was sent to Stutthof later in July.  All contact between them was broken. A letter from Paul to Cilly Lachs, mother of Kitty and Marta, dated 18 March 1945, still survives. Paul reassures her that he is well and asks for news of Helly, his own mother and friends. He gives his name as Israel Paul Herrmann and his prisoner number, 85496. After that, he disappears.  Helly describes how, after the end of the war, she found out that he was dead while she was waiting at a tram stop in Prague. Paul died or was murdered somewhere on a “death march” evacuation from Schwarzheide in April 1945. Further details are unknown. He was 36.

There is no known resting place for Paul Herrmann. Today, at last and for the first time, there is a modest stone to mark his short life.