Stolperstein für Inge Fischlova.jpgAddress: Krásova 447/33, Praha 3
Inge Fischlová was born on 28 May 1929 in Liberec. Her parents were Gustav Fischl and Adéla née Mosauerová. She had an younger sister, Hansi (born 1932). The sisters grew up in Czechoslovakia, and when their Grandfather died they moved with their parents to Carlsbad/Karlovy Vary. They moved to Prague together with their parents and their grandmother Gisela Mosauerová. On 3 August 1942, Inge Fischlová, her parents and her sister were deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport AAw. Her transport number was 312 of 1,001. After seventeen days there, the family was deported to Riga Ghetto by transport Bb. Her transport number was 520 of 1,001. There, father, mother and their daughters, age 10 and 13, were murdered by the Nazi regime.

Her Grandmother was murdered in the same year in Treblinka.