JerusalemovaMAddress: Vinohradská 37/13, Prague 2JerusalemovaM

Born 19. 12. 1865
Last residence before deportation: Prague XII
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague XII, Schwerinova 13
Transport AAr, no. 40 (16. 07. 1942, Prague -> Terezín)
Transport Bw, no. 1092 (19. 10. 1942, Terezín -> Treblinka)

“We honour and commemorate Luisa Jerusalemova, mother of Sita Kohler and Erich Jerusalem, grandmother of Eric and Erica Kohler, great-grandmother of Peter Newman, Dorothy Nathan, Jack Collier and Rod Collier, and great-great-grandmother of their children in England and Australia”.

Thank you, and your colleagues, again for all you have done to facilitate this.  When I visited the cemetery in Prague in 2019 where she would have been buried, had she died of natural causes, I thought I was the first family member to have been there since 1942.  It makes it all the more meaningful that there is now a permanent reminder of what happened to her, right where people can see it.  Thank you also for reading out the words I sent you, and for arranging for the flowers to be laid, the candle lit and the prayers said.  My family and I are extremely grateful.