StolpersteinePrague2020a-Na Poříčí 36 (8)Address: Praha 2, Budečská 944/09, pavement (2010)Baum Karel2
Inscription: ZDE BYDLEL KAREL BAUM, NAR. 1903

Born 24. 06. 1903
Last residence before deportation: Prague XII
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague XII, Sázavská 9
Transport Am, no. 823 (24. 04. 1942, Prague -> Terezín)
Transport Aq, no. 288 (27. 04. 1942, Terezín -> Izbica)
Murdered 27. 08. 1942 Majdanek

His father František was butcher in Úvaly, he died before the WWII. Mother Marie was born Dubová in Trhový Štěpánov. František and Marie had also daughter Anna, married Färberová. Karel worked as technical officer in Kolben – Daněk company in Prague, later also at the Slavia insurance bank. Before the war Karel was in reserve as an air force lieutenant. He married Czech girl, Jiřina Luňáková in 1932 and they lived in Klimentská str. in Prague. In 1936 their son Jiří was born. After the onset of fascism in Germany family seriously considered the possibility of emigration, but Karel decided not to leave his mother and widowed sister alone. In 1940, he persuaded his wife to divorce him to protect her and his son. He was deported to the ghetto Terezín within the first mass transports of Czech Jews in april 1942, toghether with his mother and sister. After three days he was transported further to the East. He left Prague from the railway station in Bubny. In four years his son Jiří left Prague from the same station, only his train led to Sweden and was organized by International Red Cross to support the Jewish kids after the war.  From the concentration camp Karel succeeded to smuggle few letters full of love and care of his family, they are archived within the Jewish Museum in Prague. Karel never saw his wife and son again.