Address: Praha 5, Zborovská 84/60, (2011)
Karel Jelinek was born on 12 August 1895 in Vienna as Karl Jelinek. He was married to Margarete née Winternitzová. Karel had two children: daughter Hana, born on 1 August 1922 (with Margarete) and Son Otto (Musil), born 1934. In 1940, together with his wife and his parents-in-law he was accused of creating a ″fraudulent Jewish gang″. It was found out that the couple was separated and his wife stayed with her parents at another apartment in Prague. Nevertheless, in 1941 he obtained a Certificate of good character needed for emigration. He could not realize his intention to emigrate. His last address before deportation was Matyáše Brauna 60 in Prague (= Zborovská Street today). On 10 August 1942 Karel Jelinek was deported with Transport Ba from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp. His transport number was 135 of 1474. On 8 September 1942 he was deported with transport Bk to Maly Trostenets extermination camp. His transport number was 193 of 1000. He was murdered by the Nazi regime.

His wife and his daughter were both deported in July 1942, first to Theresienstadt, then to Maly Trostenets extermination camp. They were both murdered. His son Otto, who was only eight years old when his father was deported, could survive the Shoah. He married, became a father and later-on a grand father. He and his family are still living in Prague. Only in 2010 he was informed by the Jewish community about the fate of his father. In 2011, he was present at the laying of the Stolperstein for his father.