LedererovaEmilieMAddress: U Kanálky 3, Prague 2
Born 29. 06. 1881
Last residence before deportation: Prague XII
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague XII, Kanálská 3
Transport AAh, no. 210 (10. 06. 1942, Prague -> Ujazdow)


My name is Rina Lederer-Vizer and regret I can not stand ,along with my sister Tami Lederer -Barkan and the rest of the family ,in front of the place my grandmother Emilia lived for the last twenty nine years of her life. It was the place she left in 1941 to Terezienshtat, concentration camp, never to return.

Emilia Feldman Lederer was born in 1885 in the village of Sibřina just east of Prague. Her parents were Wilhelm and Johanna Feldman. She had two brothers – Gustav and Jozef. Her parents owned and ran a grocery store in Prague. In 1912 Emilia married Ernst Lederer, son of an established family in Prague, and they moved to live at this address. Emilia, who was called Emma by her family and friends , became a prominent hat designer and the owner of a prosperous millinery salon in the city. She had three children – Manya, Wilma and Jan ~Honza. (mine and my sister’s father).
In 1939, when the Nazis occupied Czechoslovakia, our grandmother faced a big dilemma: Should she join her three adult children, who were escaping to Palestine, or should she stay by her ailing husband. She insisted on staying at the bedside of her husband. Ernest passed away in 1941, before the Nazi’s grip on the Jews of Prague. His is the only grave my family has to visit. Emilia was among the Jews deported to Terezienshtat, concentration camp. She boarded a cattle train on route to Auschwitz and was killed along with the other Jews of Prague in a that transport that left Theresienstadt and went nowhere.
Our father Jan , along with his sisters Manya and Wilma left Czechoslovakia on the last train ,before the occupation. They built their homes in Israel. Had Emma not been killed she would have lived to see her two granddaughters , six thriving great grandchildren .
May she rest in peace

תהא נשמתה צרורה בצרור החיים