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Eva Mia Krása née Pollaková was born on 24 March 1924 in Vienna. Shortly before her birth, her parents Karl Pollak and Vilma Pollaková, as well as the sister Hana, born in 1921, had moved to Vienna. There her father was director of a hardware store company. The family lived in the Innere Stadt, in Seilerstätte 13. In 1933 the marriage of the parents was divorced. In 1934 Vilma and her two daughters moved back to Prague. In 1938 her father died in Switzerland. In Prague, the family lived first in Kaprova 12 but had to leave the apartment in October 1939, as the SS confiscated the building and set up offices here. Eva, her mother and her sister moved to Sanytrová 12 (now 17th Listopadu). This apartment was a “Jewish apartment”, where another family (Otto Passer and Hedviga Passerová) lived with them. On 10 December 1941 she was deported together with her mother with the transport L from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp. Her transport number was the 293. There, her mother acquired sepsis and died on 1 January 1942. Eva Mia got to know František Krása, they married. On September 6, 1943, Eva and her husband were deported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz concentration camp. Her transport number was 2609, that of her husband 2608. The couple came to the so-called family camp. Both Eva Mia and František Krása were murdered in the course of the Shoah, either in the Auschwitz gas chambers right after the family camp was dissolved between 8 and 9 March 1944 or after deportation to the Majdanek extermination camp.

The fate of her sister Hana is not known.