RothovaMAddress: Prague 1, Pštrosová  221/31

Born 28. 08. 1890
Last residence before deportation: Prague II
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague
Transport Cv, no. 508 (06. 03. 1943, Prague -> Terezín)
Transport Dz, no. 1265 (15. 05. 1944, Terezín -> Auschwitz)

Augusta Rothová (née Gutmannová) was born in Prague on August 28, 1890 to Eduard Gutmann, who was a leaseholder of several coffee-houses in Prague, and to his wife Žofie (née Freundová). They had seven daughters, the last child was a son Josef. Eduard let the daughters learn a craft (Augusta learned millinery), Josef studied economy.  On June 4, 1911 Augusta married Emil Roth, a procurist from Lovosice. There, their two children were born, son Walter (Valtr) on March 14, 1912 and daughter Vally on November 13,1913.
Emil Roth passed away on October 16, 1918. Daughter Vally grew up in Prague, Václavské náměstí Nr. 6, with her grandmother and her uncle. Augusta came to visit, but she left Lovosice only in 1928, after her mothers death. She then stayed in Prague, Pštrossova street Nr. 31/33, up till her deportation to Theresienstadt Ghetto on March 6, 1943. From there she was deported to Auschwitz on May 5, 1944, where she was murdered. Her daughter survived the camps, her son political prison. From her other numerous relatives, only her brother who was in Alger and one niece survived. All others perished like Augusta in the concentration camps.