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Ing. Arch. Rudolf Wels was born 28 April 1882 in Osek. His parents were Simon Wels (1853-1922) and Anežka née (Pollatschek (died in 1883). He had a sister, Anna (later Krebs), and a half brother, Otto (born 1895). He was an architect and married to Ida née Kohn. The couple had two sons, Thomas Albert (born on 7 June 1920 in Cheb) and Martin (born 1925). The last residence of the family before deportation was in Prague XII, Mánesova 53. On 30 January 1942, Ing. Arch. Rudolf Wels, his wife and his younger son were arrested and deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport V. His transport number was 837 of 1,002. Nineteen months later, on 6 September 1943, the family was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp by transport Dm. His transport number was 2766. Father, mother and son were murdered by the Nazi regime.

His son Thomas Albert could survive, he died on 18 September 1988 in Gloucester, England. The fate of his siblings is unknown.