Address: Maiselova 60/6, Prague 1 (2009)
Růžena Bergmannová was born on 6 January 1931. Her parents were Alois and Beila Bergmann. On 2 July 1942 she was deported together with her parents on transport AAl from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp. Her transport number was 829. On 28 Juli 1942 she was deported, again together with her parents, on transport AAy to the ghetto of Baranovichi where more than 12,000 Jews were kept in terrible conditions in six buildings at the outskirts. Her transport number was 128 of 1,001. None of these Jews transported to Baranovichi survived the Shoah. Růžena Bergmannová and her parents were murdered by the Nazi regime in one of the extermination camps.

Last residence before deportation: Prague V
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague I, Filipa de Monte 6
Transport AAl, no. 829 (02. 07. 1942, Prague -> Terezín)
Transport AAy, no. 128 (28. 07. 1942, Terezín -> Baranoviči)