VELETRŽNÍ 196-17 2 MAddress: VELETRŽNÍ 196/17, PRAGUE 7Taussig Ludvig

Born 25. 12. 1875
Last residence before deportation: Prague XIII
Address/place of registration in the Protectorate: Prague
Transport D, no. 915 (31. 10. 1941, Prague -> Łódź)

Holocaust database

Born in Prague in 1875 he was  the eldest son of Maximilian Taussig and Emilie Taussigová (rozená Reachová). The Taussig’s had lived in Prague since at least the mid-eighteenth century. His father ran a machinery business. His mother had been born in Kdyně.
Together with his wife, Kamilla, Ludvik was a part of Prague’s professional and commercial elite that were deported to the Łódź Ghetto in Poland in October 1941. They somehow survived in the deplorable and inhospitable conditions in the ghetto, at Cranachstrasse 32/15,  until early May 1942. Letters exist today (re ‘Last Letters from Łódź’ archive) from his wife Kamilla in early May 1942 to the  Office of Resettlement in the  Łódź Ghetto pleading for them not to be deported as he had recently had a hernia operation.
From the ghetto he  was transported with his wife on the 13th May 1942 to the Chelmno extermination camp in the Warthegau region of Poland and never heard of again.
His daughter, Elly, her husband František Vrba and their son, Ivan, were first deported to Terezín in December 1941 and subsequently transported to the Izbica Ghetto in Poland in March 1942.
Both his sisters, Matylda and Henriete, perished in Treblinka in October 1942. His brother, Moric, died  on  the 17th April 1942 and is buried in  the new Jewish cemetery in Prague. His youngest brother, Ernst, and his wife Wilhelmine, were transported to Terezín on the 17th December 1941 from Bubny station in Prague ,and then forced on the first transport to the ‘East’ to leave Terezín on the 15th January 1942  with the Riga ghetto in Latvia as its destination. They were never heard  of again