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Bedřich Kaufmann was born on 25 November 1911 in Prague. His first name is also written Bedrikh or in the German version Friedrich. He was the son of Hugo Kaufmann and Olga née Ehrmann. He had two younger brothers: Robert (born 1913) and Hanuš (born 1917). He was a merchant. On 4 December 1941 he was deported from Prague to Theresienstadt concentration camp by transport J. His number on this transport was 194 of 1,000. On 18 December 1943 he was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp by transport Ds. His number on this transport was 474 of 2,503. His inmate number in Auschwitz, tattooed on the left arm, was 85587. When the Red Army approached Auschwitz in early 1945, most inmates of the KZ were sent on death marches toward west. The group in which Kaufmann had to march was later called the Hungermarsch by one of the inmates, Friedrich Kraj. It was geared toward Theresienstadt. When exhausted inmates — without enough food, without proper cloths, without proper shoes — broke down they were shot by the SS. On 23 April 1945, when the group reached the Khaatal near Schwarzheide, Bedřich Kaufmann was murdered by the Nazi regime.

Memorial stones in Khaatal (for the victims of the death march) and on the cemetery of Prague-Olšanský (for all five murdered members of his family) remind of Bedřich Kaufmann